Providing financial clarity

IK will constantly monitor all your accounts, letting you know when hidden charges are costing you money
Fees, risk, and investment quality are dynamic and complex. InvestorKeep ensures you know everything that's happening throughout your financial portfolio and that it aligns with your investment goals
Need to make changes or have questions about your finances? InvestorKeep helps you have the right conversation with your financial professional

Take the insecurity out of investing


Protect and grow your client relationships

Financial Professionals

Building trust through transparency

Offering an unbiased, third-party monitoring service deepens your credibility with your clients
Enhance customer relationships
Receiving alerts on AHA allows you to better serve your customer base. It's always good to find a way to have a meaningful conversation with a client

Grow AUM
Trust and enhanced relationships lead to more business from existing clients

InvestorKeep is currently in BETA. If you are interested in participating and utilizing our service for free click here.

Bring Transparency and Control to your Investable Assets

Whether it's knowing when to have fees waived or being alerted to a change in an investment's quality - InvestorKeep continuously analyzes your investments helping you optimize your wealth over time
Monitor Account Fees
InvestorKeep monitors account fees, alerts, you when fees are excessive and provides you with recommendations on how to get your financial institution (or advisor) to reduce or eliminate high fees... potentially adding thousands of dollars to your account at the time of retirement.
Track Investment Quality
InvestorKeep tracks changes to individual investments across all of our customer's accounts. Alerting you to risks or emerging issues affecting the quality of each investment.
Align Investments to Goals
InvestorKeep ensures you know what conversations to have with your financial institution (or advisor) to minimize tax liablility, manage risk, and plan for the long-term to meet your goals.

Trust starts with securing your information and data

Protecting Account Access

In today's world, the greatest threat to your security is your account password. Many passwords can be cracked in a matter of minutes.

Your InvestorKeep account uses 2-factor authentication (2FA) providing an additional (and crucial) security layer - sending a unique code to a device that you have exclusive secure access to.

Entering this code is the final step to accessing your account each time you sign-in.

Layers of Security

InvestorKeep uses enterprise-class information security tools, systems and monitoring to ensure our service and your information remain protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As an additional level of protection, InvestorKeep encrypts all customer data at all times.

When you are communicating with InvestorKeep, we secure your connection on a number of levels to shield this information from unwanted eyes.