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We believe keeping track of your money and maximizing your returns should be easy. We'll help you stay informed so you can make smart decisions that accomplish your financial goals.

Example of InvestorKeep website and app
Example of InvestorKeep website and app

Reading and navigating financial statements is difficult.

It is even harder to keep track of the money you may be losing to excessive fees, poor-quality investments, and investments that don't fit your risk profile. Too often financial professionals are too busy to give your accounts the attention they deserve, which could result in you losing hundreds of thousands of dollars without you even knowing.

Our mission is to change that.

InvestorKeep is the first third-party, unbiased solution that monitors your finances so you can protect your hard-earned money. Our engineering team has produced over 130 proprietary algorithms that constantly monitor finances in real-time, alerting you to changes that could have an impact on your hard earned money.

Our commitment to transparency keeps you from being left in the dark about what is happening with your money. Our process is simple; Sign up, add the accounts you want monitored, complete your financial risk profile, and start receiving real-time alerts and monitoring.

InvestorKeep CEO - Michael Dailey
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InvestorKeep was founded in 2018 by former bankers and financial advisors to remove the vulnerabilities of customers and increase the trust in the financial professional by providing transparency that aligns the best interest of both.

Michael Dailey
Founder & CEO of InvestorKeep

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