3rd party, unbiased reporting is the basis of the InvestorKeep philosophy.  We don't manage money, nor do we replace financial professionals.  InvestorKeep uses state of the art, proprietary financial technology to ensure hard working people have the information they need to protect their hard-earned investments.

InvestorKeep is currently in BETA. If you are interested in participating and utilizing our service for free click here.

Actively monitor your investments and grow your wealth

Continuous Monitoring and Analysis
InvestorKeep is designed to help you clearly understand how your investments are being managed and what actions to take with your financial institution/advisor to create the best outcomes at retirement and achieve your goals.

We do this by constantly monitoring and analyzing what's happening with your various investment accounts.
Receive alerts when investment Fees change & are excessive
Financial firms charge a myriad of fees depending on the type of account you own: 401k, IRA, Brokerage, checking, savings, etc.

As an example, most people realize that their financial institution is charging a fee to manage their 401K account but don't know that they may be charged at least three fees, and in some cases four.

These fees change, generally in very small amounts, and are typically buried in your monthly statements. These changes impact your investments year after year, and excessive fees over time will reduce the size of your nest egg, sometimes by tens of thousands of dollars.

InvestorKeep alerts you to fee changes giving you the opportunity to act with your financial professional to have these fees reduced or eliminated.

InvestorKeep is currently in BETA. If you are interested in participating and utilizing our service for free click here.

Know the quality of your financial portfolio
All investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) are analyzed by research firms and then rated in terms of investment quality based on key metrics: financial performance, market performance, executive management, etc.
InvestorKeep monitors investment quality using industry-leading analytics and alerts you when the quality of any investment within your portfolio changes.

InvestorKeep monitors the overall risk of your portfolio as well, alerting you when the risk associated with your investments is unaligned with your risk tolerance and diversification model.

Like fees, changes to quality or risk level in your portfolio, left unchecked, can cost you tens of thousands of dollars without you ever knowing it.  InvestorKeep shows you what's happening (in real time) with your finances and enables you to effectively communicate with your financial professional.  In addition, if you chose, InvestorKeep will alert your financial professional to these changes as well.

In addition to investment quality, management quality is also monitored.  Rebalancing, tax loss harvesting, churning, and reverse churning are just a few management quality actions that may impact your account. InvestorKeep monitors to ensure you are getting the quality management you deserve.
Stay on track to meet your financial goals
Whether you're saving for retirement, education expenses, a home, or some other financial goal, monitoring your investments to make sure you're on track is critically important.

Being alerted to actions you need to take with your financial professional to safeguard your investments from changes in fees, risk, and investment quality gives you peace of mind and helps you avoid costly oversights that erode your savings.

InvestorKeep is the 3rd party, unbiased partner in your journey toward financial success


InvestorKeep has a simple survey our customers complete when they enroll (and update at least once a year) to ensure our service can custom tailor your alerts based on the types of risks you are willing to take with your overall investments.
Based on your ongoing conversations with your financial professional, you can even manually set your Risk Profile.

You pay one low, monthly fee

If only everything in life were this simple.

Monthly fee


Trust starts with securing your information and data

Protecting Account Access

In today's world, the greatest threat to your security is your account password. Many passwords can be cracked in a matter of minutes.

Your InvestorKeep account uses 2-factor authentication (2FA) providing an additional (and crucial) security layer - sending a unique code to a device that you have exclusive secure access to.

Entering this code is the final step to accessing your account each time you sign-in.

Layers of Security

InvestorKeep uses enterprise-class information security tools, systems and monitoring to ensure our service and your information remain protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

As an additional level of protection, InvestorKeep encrypts all customer data at all times.

When you are communicating with InvestorKeep, we secure your connection on a number of levels to shield this information from unwanted eyes.