Partnering with InvestorKeep

InvestorKeep helps Financial Institutions deepen relationships and grow assets under management
Our customer is the client and they are best served when their Financial Institution is well informed about their investments.  InvestorKeep does not manage investments; we are focused on ensuring great clients stay with great Financial Institutions.
Increase Customer Engagement and Satisfaction
InvestorKeep provides a communication tool for your financial professionals to better uncover and serve the needs of your customer base increasing customer engagement and satisfaction.
Deepen Your Relationships with Your Customers
A better understanding of all your customers' accounts (under management and held away) allows you to provide holistic advice and offer internal solutions to deepen relationships.
Grow Assets Under Management
InvestorKeep allows your financial professionals to increase customer engagement, organically grow their book of business, and recruit more clients, effectively growing your institution's assets under management.

Partnering with InvestorKeep
Today we partner with financial institutions so they can leverage the InvestorKeep platform and better serve their customers.  

To find out how partnering with InvestorKeep can help you be more efficient in managing your current book of business and organically growing your assets under management, contact us!