Keeping great clients with great advisors

InvestorKeep helps Financial Professionals protect and grow their client relationships

Our customer is the client and they are best served when their Financial Professional is well informed about their investments. InvestorKeep does not manage investments; we are focused on ensuring great clients stay with great Financial Professionals.
Increase Trust & Customer Satisfaction
Your clients are constantly bombarded by financial institutions and robo-advisors trying to entice them away. Investorkeep ensures your client never needs a second opinion and showcases the value you provide, reinforcing and growing confidence and trust
Recruit More Customers
By offering to provide potential clients with a third-party analysis of their current accounts you remove any bias. Investors are more willing to utilize the analysis from InvestorKeep and move to you as a Financial Professional they can trust. InvestorKeep wants great clients to be with great Financial Professionals.
Support Clients Consolidating Accounts
Often clients believe they are getting the best of all worlds by having accounts with multiple Financial Institutions. In reality, they are getting 'worsification' by diversification. Clients that use InvestorKeep do not need multiple institutions to ensure they are getting the right investments at the best fee structure.
InvestorKeep Alerts Help You
The information contained within the client's alerts is useful to the financial advisor by making them more productive and efficient in supporting their clients.  By more easily seeing changes in their client's portfolio, the financial professional can answer questions and take care of problems quickly, showcasing their value to the client.
InvestorKeep Educates Your Clients
Part of InvestorKeep's value to your clients, is our continuous focus on educating them on key terms, concepts, and best practices regarding investments and financial management, reinforcing why you are vital to their long-term financial success.

InvestorKeep Helps Grow Your Book of Business

Having all your clients' accounts monitored, your value constantly reaffirmed from a 3rd Party source, and a tool to make you more effective in responding to clients will accelerate your organic growth and elevate your ability to add and service new clients.
Monitoring and ongoing analysis of client accounts has never been this easy.  This gives you more time to work with your clients, streamlines communication, and showcases your value as a financial professional.

InvestorKeep is the trusted business partner that helps make 1+1=3

Partnering with InvestorKeep

Today we do not charge financial professionals a fee for leveraging the InvestorKeep platform.  

Because we are committed to great customers working with great advisors, our platform is designed to generate value for both the individual client and their advisor.  

To find out how partnering with InvestorKeep can help you be more efficient in managing your current book of business and organically growing your assets under management, contact us!